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Concluding Remarks


A conversation on the future of the constituent assembly in Chile with Isabel Aninat


Panel 7 – Elections and polarization in Brazil


Panel 6 – Democratic challenges: governance, social discontent, social networks and freedom of expression


Panel 5 – Higher education, science, technology, and innovation: Building a shared space of knowledge


Panel 4 – K-12 Education: Challenges, trends, and future perspectives


A conversation on climate change with Jamil Ahmad


A conversation on migration crisis in Latin America with Manuel Orozco


Panel 3 – Citizen security: justice, police reform, and prevention of crime


A conversation on inequality with Dani Rodrik


Opportunities and challenges of the new President Petro Government


Panel 2 – Regional situation: Economic reactivation, inflation, and social tensions


Panel 1 – Global threats, repercussions, and opportunities for advancement


Welcoming remarks


Welcome cocktail


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