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Noah Giansiracusa

Científico de datos, profesor titular de la Universidad de Bentley y autor del libro Cómo los algoritmos crean y previenen noticias falsas

(PhD in math from Brown University) is a tenured associate professor of mathematics and data science at Bentley University, a business school near Boston. His research interests range from algebraic geometry to machine learning to empirical legal studies. After publishing the book How Algorithms Create and Prevent Fake News in July 2021, Noah has gotten more involved in public writing/speaking and policy discussions concerning data-driven algorithms and their role in society. He’s appeared on cable TV and BBC radio, written op-eds for Scientific American, TIME, Barron’s, Boston Globe, Wired, Slate, and Fast Company, and been quoted in a range of newspapers. Noah is currently working on a second book, a popular math book forthcoming with Riverhead Books (an imprint of Penguin).


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