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Daniel Titelman

Director, Economic Development Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

“Mr Titelman is currently Chief of the Development Studies Section UN-ECLAC. Before that he was the Coordinator of the Special Studies Unit of the Executive Secretary at ECLAC, and expert on Monetary and Financial Policies. Mr Titelman has a long and substantive experience in Macroeconomic and Financial Issues and has published numerous papers on these subjects. He is currently the focal point for financing for development issues in ECLAC. He coordinates the joint ECLAC/GTZ Programme “Towards sustainable and equitable globalization”, component 4(b): Social policy and access to financial services geared to the struggle against poverty (Financing). He was also the principal expert of the joint ECLAC/IDB project on “Public Banking and the Development of Productive Sector.” He has participated in the elaboration of many institutional ECLAC reports on issues related to the macroeconomic financing and economic growth and development like: Globalization and Development, Growth and Stability, Productive Development in Open Economies. He has provided technical assistance to various countries in the region on issues related to macroeconomic and financial policies, and social protections schemes. He also has participated as speaker in numerous national, regional, and international seminars. Mr Titelman studied economics at the University of Los Andes in Colombia and is Phd candidate of the University of California San Diego. His specialization fields were econometrics and macroeconomics. He also has a Master degree in Political Science form the Latin American Faculty of Social Science. “


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